So Simple and easy, Just: FILL – PUMP – INJECT.  Use brine or your favorite marinade to add moisture, and taste into any meat

Quickly and easily inject liquid - marinades, cures, seasonings - into large or small pieces of meat.  Works great for: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Hams, Turkeys, Lamb, Brisket -- works with any meat you want to add flavor and moisture into.  May also be used to inject “Tenderizing Solution” into meat.

Used successfully for years by professional chefs, institution kitchens, commissaries, butchers, competition teams, barbecue cooks, and backyard enthusiasts.

  • SANITARY! Made with the same FDA / NSF approved materials used in Medical and Food service products.
  • Easy to use.
  • Inject large volumes of liquid quickly, easily, simply.
  • Works EQUALLY well with small quantities of liquid (2oz)
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Prevents tired hands / fingers associated with small syringes.
  • Eliminates the UNSANITARY and bothersome refilling associated with mechanical hand injectors or small syringes.
  • Inject whole hog, large cuts of meat, turkey, chicken, pork, beef, brisket - ALL with ease.
  • EXTREMELY reliable system.
  • DEPENDABLE, virtually nothing to go wrong.
  • Engineered for simplicity, using long lasting materials.
  • Very solid construction, No lightweight parts to easily break.

Our injectors eliminate the need to constantly refill during large volume jobs. Deluxe & Standard injectors feature 1 gallon capacity.

Needle Dimensions:

Deluxe, Standard, Pro-N-Ject needles:
Diameter: 1/4 inch = 6.35mm
Length: 5-1/2 inches = 139.7mm
All have multiple side flow injection holes. 

Chik-N-Jector Needle:
Diamater 3/32 inch = 2.3mm
Length: 3-3/4 inches = 95mm
2 side flow injection holes

Flav-R-Ject Needle:
Diamater 1/8 inch = 3mm
Length: 2-1/4 inches = 57mm
2 side flow injection holes

The DELUXE NoCents 1 gallon power injector needle and valve assembly features a full flow ball valve and a production size needle, using multiple size enlarged holes, which allow small solids to pass freely.  If you are trying to inject a liquid with some solid particles, like ground pepper, ground garlic, spices, or thicker liquids, you need the deluxe model.

The Standard, Midi, and Mini models do NOT have full flow features, and therefore will only allow injection of finely strained liquid.

The Chik-N-Jector® Adapter and quick-change Needle fits on the Deluxe, Standard-Pro, Midi-Pro, Mini-Pro, and all "PRO" models. It replaces the Standard or Deluxe needles. The needle is only 3/32 inch in diameter, 3-3/4 inches long, and has 2 side flow holes. Perfect for injecting strained liquids with much more precise control - like into pieces of chicken, ribs, or smaller competition cuts of meat.

  • Use the optional Chik-N-Jector adapter and and needle when lower volume, delicate, precision injecting is desired.
  • Chik-N-Jector needle provides better placement control for smaller cuts of meat.
  • Chik-N-Jector needle works extremely well for chicken – whole or pieces – and ribs.
  • Chik-N-Jector needle is PERFECT for precise competition use.

QUESTION? I have a bbq team and we are looking for a good injector. I need to be able to do small meats (ribs and chicken) and the big meats (brisket and butts) What would be the best choice for us? Thanks in advance - M B
Ans .. I recommend what I really use - That is the Deluxe Injector ( INJ-DLX ), with the optional Deluxe Flav-R-Ject adaptor ( FRA-DLX ). Currently we have that combination together for a special price ... Complete Deluxe System ( INJ-DCS ) on our sales webpage.(right below the deluxe injector)
Why I recommend this system: the deluxe system: has a 1 gallon capacity for those large projects (also useable with smaller quantities - 2oz), More importantly, it allows the use of thicker liquids including fine ground spices. The optional deluxe Flav-R-Ject adapter adds the ability for "push to flow" and a smaller/finer needle. It is great for smaller product (chicken) and for those times which require a delicate / precise injection protocol. This system does everything I need for injection

Question? I note that you have both a regular (PRO) and chicken (Flav-R-Ject) injector models available. I am wondering if one of these packages does include both? Please send me the correct information that we need to order the correct parts so that we can use either needle. Thanks for the help! - J W
Ans .. Our models come with only one needle each. To have both style needles requires the purchase of an additional needle adaptor. Purchase the "PRO" injector model you want, and add your choice of a needle adaptor, all are available on our CART webpage.

Question? My pump stopped working. Do you sell replacement parts?
Ans:.. Yes, we maintain a complete replacement parts inventory. Many of the common items are available on our webpage. For items not shown, please send an e-mail inquiry.

Before purchasing a replacement pump, you should try repairing the pump. There are 2 probable causes of pump failure. To repair the pump proceed as follows:
1. The bottom piston "U-Cup" ring comes off the piston from lack of lubrication.
There are 2 locking Tabs on the top of the pump - where the piston (handle) goes inside the pump cylinder tube. Push the tabs "out" and pull-remove the handle/piston. Usually the ring will be out of the piston-ring-groove, frequently in the bottom of the tube, replace the ring back into the piston groove. Lubricate with food grade mineral oil and re-install. Be sure to lubricate with food grade mineral oil after every use to avoid future failure.

2. The check valve diaphragm at the bottom of the pump gets foreign material under the lip. Clean any material from the lip-seal, lubricate with food grade mineral oil.

QUESTION? Can I Purchase the Deluxe Ball Valve with just the Flav-R-Ject or Chick-N-Jector Needle?
Ans .. Yes, you can custom order the deluxe ball valve with either the Flav-R-Ject or Chik-N-Jector needle, but it would be counter-productive. The usefulness of the deluxe ball valve is to allow THICKER liquids including particulate suspension fluids (ground black pepper, etc. suspended in liquid) to pass without plugging. The inside diameter of the smaller needles will not allow particles to flow, and would clog. IF you are ONLY going to use the small needles with strained fluids, the standard Flav-R-Ject valve is less costly and equally as functional. Our recommendation is to purchase both the deluxe injector (Model INJ-DLX) and a needle adapter assembly (Model CNA-CND -- OR -- FRA-DLX) as an accessory. Giving you the best of both; the deluxe valve and needle for larger volume of particulate fluids, and the small needle option for more precise control using strained fluids.

QUESTION: Do you have a push-button valve for the deluxe model?

Ans .. Our "Flav-R-Ject DELUXE Needle Adapter Assembly" (Model FRA-DLX) is available as an accessory and listed on our shopping - CART page. -----
Our standard injector system has a "push to flow - release to stop" valve assembly.
BUT; ---- ALL Push to Flow valves we have tested will clog, leak, and FAIL if there is any granulated / ground / thickness to the fluid.
We have found that with a little practice, we can successfully work the full-flow valve with one hand, using the thumb to move the lever. It takes a short while to master, but is extremely effective.

QUESTION: If I ordered the 1 gal power deluxe, will the Chick-N-Jector adapter still allow me to inject marinades with large particles?

Ans .. No. - The needle size of the Chik-N-Ject and the Flav-R-Ject is much smaller and will not allow the passage of particles or very thick fluids. We recommend the Deluxe injector when using fluids with particles (ground black pepper & minced garlic) and attach the Deluxe Flav-R-Ject adaptor when only using strained fluids.

QUESTION: Do you sell just the valves?

Ans .. We do sell the Needle, Valve, Hose-Barb - Assembly --- EXCLUDING the pressure tank, pump, and hose.  <! /p> <! p>You can purchase a 1, 2, or 3 gal pressure sprayer at Home Depot, Lowes, or other garden centers. For health and sanitary reasons, You must completely disassemble the pump and thoroughly clean and remove all original pump lubrication. To completely disassemble the pump, remove the plunger assembly from tube assembly, allowing the piston ring to be removed, thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove all original pump lubrication, re-lubricating the pump with food grade mineral oil. Frequently re-lubricate the pump with food grade mineral oil - Assembly and installation of the needle-valve assembly is easy. We include directions for sanitizing and "pre-seasoning" to remove the "plastic taste". It saves money on freight and the assembly charge.


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ALL Specifications subject to change.

*** “Tenderizing Meat” ***

There are 5 ways to “Tenderize” Meat: 

  • Natural: Aging for extended periods of time – Takes days to weeks for the connective tissue to break down. 
  • Mechanical: Cutting fine incisions into the meat to break the connective tissue.
  • Manual: Pounding to break the connective tissue.
  • Chemical: Breaks the connective tissue by softening using chemical solutions during processing.
  • Heating: Cooking meat to reach a desired internal meat temperature.

Thank you again for you interest.