NoCents - The original designer of pump injectors for BBQ meats. Stephen Smith designed and created the first power injector for BBQ meats in 1981 for personal use. It was later used and seen at barbecue competitions we attended across the country. After giving away countless injectors to BBQ friends who requested one, the request frequency got overwhelming, so we began selling the original meat injector to those who asked. Several of our original injectors are still in use today. With continued interest, we patented our "Deluxe Model" design in 2002.

Our first website for selling injectors was created in 2003 with only the Standard and Deluxe models available. We have been improving and expanding our line of meat injectors constantly through the years. Our current models continue to be the most durable, functional, and dependable injectors available. Field tested for durability and convenience by professional chefs, industrial kitchens, commissaries, butchers, national and international barbecue contestants, and backyard barbecue enthusiasts around the world.