Deluxe Barbecue Injectors: Service, Maintenance, and Operating instructions.

WARNING!!! This product is designed to inject liquid food grade marinades and seasonings into food products. Improper use could cause serious personal injury. Failure to follow operating instructions before and during use or improper use or misuse of this product could result in explosive failure, personal injury, sickness, or death.

Always test operation prior to use with plain water.

Always sanitize before use. (Recommended: 1 oz. Chlorine bleach per ½ gal. water.)

Always wear proper protective clothing including eye protection.

Never stand with face or body over the top of the tank when pumping or loosening pump.

Release pressure carefully and properly before refilling or servicing.

After use – release pressure, empty, clean, sanitize, and dry unit.

Use only food grade liquids and seasonings in this equipment.

Do not use hot liquids.

Do not store liquids in tank.

Do not leave unit in the sun.

Follow instructions printed on injector for additional safety information.

This unit comes completely assembled and ready for testing, sterilization, and use. We recommend initial seasoning of this unit prior to first use to remove any residual artificial flavor. After sanitizing, insert a mixture of ½ cup each of vinegar, soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce into the tank. Follow instructions for pump assembly. Shake, pressurize and inject a small quantity of this liquid into a cloth folded over the needle, let stand for a few minutes, shaking occasionally, followed by depressurization and rinsing with clear water before insertion of actual injection liquid.


1. Remove the pump from the tank by turning counter clockwise.

2. Insert marinade/injection solution into tank. Do not fill tank above the maximum fill marker.

3. Close tank by inserting pump assembly through fill opening. Turn clockwise until pump is sealed tightly into tank.

4. With a full tank, operate pump handle in and out about 20 – 30 strokes to pressurize the tank. More strokes will be required if tank is only partially filled. As the level in the tank goes down with use, more strokes may be required to maintain proper pressure. Pump handle may be locked in the down position by turning the handle 1/8 turn.

5. Insert the injection needle deeply into the product you wish to inject. Rotate the valve ¼ turn to allow full flow of liquid into product. You may gently pull the needle ¼ - ½ of the way out and reinsert at a different angle during injection. Rotate valve ¼ turn to stop the flow of liquid. Repeat this procedure as many times as you want, in different areas of your product, to achieve desired results.

6. Agitate frequently to keep particles suspended in the liquid as necessary to prevent this unit from clogging. DO NOT allow solids to settle at the bottom.

7. To depressurize the tank, slowly rotate the pump handle counter-clockwise until the pressure begins to escape, allow all air to vent before continuing to removing the pump. Alternately: turn the tank upside down. Using caution and covering needle with a cloth to absorb the expelled liquid, open the control valve and allow venting until all remaining air pressure is gone.

8. Do not store marinades in tank. To prolong this units useful life, clean all interior and exterior surfaces of the injector, pump, hose, valve, and needle with mild detergent and water solution after each use. Be sure to flush out the hose and injector needle with the cleaning solution, and remove any foreign material from the needle holes using a toothpick. Rinse thoroughly with water and leave tank upside down without pump in place on an absorbent area, the hose – valve opened fully – needle assembly hanging straight down, and allow to air dry.

9. After drying, re-lubricate the pump by inserting several drops of food grade mineral oil into the air intake (where the handle / piston goes into the pump), shake, and stroke the handle a few times to distribute the lubrication. Lubricate the pump-tank O-Ring seal by coating with mineral oil.


Warranty: This unit does not provide any warranty expressed or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for its intended or consumer use. NoCents and Stephen R. Smith accept no liability for any loss, incidental or consequential loss, or damage caused by using this product. Use at your own risk.


California law requires this warning be given to consumers: Warning:parts used in this product contain brass which may contain a chemical (lead) known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.