Standard Barbecue Injectors - BASIC Info : Specifications and operations

Quickly and easily inject liquid - marinades, cures, flavor - into large and small pieces of meat. Works great for: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Hams, Turkeys, Lamb -- works with any meat/food you want to add flavor and moisture into. May also be used to inject “Tenderizing Solution” - Brine into meat.

Our STANDARD models feature a full 1 gallon container, a long hose for easy use, and the "push-to-flow, release-to-stop" valve. The standard model offers a choice of 2 needles,  Our Pro Needle is a multiple side flow hole, industrial strength, professional length needle, the Flav-R-Ject needle is a basic 2 side flow hole model.  Standard models do NOT allow the injection of fine ground pepper and other spices into your food. IF your are wanting to inject ground spices, or thicker liquids, please view/purchase the DELUXE model.

Used successfully for years by professional chefs, institution kitchens, commissaries, butchers, competition teams, barbecue cooks, and backyard enthusiasts. 

  • Easy to use
  • One Gallon Capacity.
  • Works EQUALLY well with smaller quantities (2 oz)
  • Push to flow - Release to stop Valve.
  • Made with FDA/NSF approved materials.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Prevents tired hands / fingers associated with small syringes.
  • Eliminates the constant refilling associated with hand injectors or small syringes.
  • Helps prevent contamination of injection fluids.
  • Inject large or small cuts of meat, turkeys, chickens ALL with ease.
  • PROVEN Reliable, Dependable system.
  • Engineered for simplicity, using long lasting materials..
  • NOT for use with hot liquids.
  • Use only food grade liquids in this equipment.
  • After use – release pressure, empty, clean, sanitize, dry, and lubricate. (Use food grade mineral oil).
  • Always sanitize before use. (Recommended: 1 oz. Chlorine bleach per ½ gal. water.)
  • Always test operation prior to use with plain water